#3: Best PTC Sites

With ptc sites, you do not need to invest some money to make money, only require clicking mouse, watch, solve some captcha and earn free cash.

This is an easy way to make money online and optional for you, because you will earn just a few cent from your click but if you do have time, then I suggest you do clicking the ads.

If you are still wondering whether there is something called Internet money, yes, there is. The advertisement industry is worth over 300 billion dollars per year on 2017.  PTC websites contribute to 40 million dollars turnover per year and 60% of this is contributed by only ClixSense – Pioneer and Top PTC Site amongst other. ClixSense payouts nearly 3 million dollars per year.

For earning money from PTC websites, you need to spend time on clicking ads, playing games, completing surveys, tasks and offers listed on the PTC (Paid To Click) websites. Registration to these sites are absolutely free. From day 1 you can start earning from these PTC websites that too without any investment.

The real success in ptc game is referral.

Let’s calculate, you earn from click $0.001 each and each referral click earning is $0.001.

If you have 100 refferal and do click 4 ads per day, you will earn 0.001x4x100 = 0.4, in 30 days, you will earn $12. It’s just clicking a mouse and other do the same. Easy right?

There 2 types of referral, direct and rent.

Direct referral – someone who join direct from your link – no expired

Rent referral – you pay to rent referral and earn commission of their click – you need to pay to keep them under you.

So, let’s start earning!!!

Below are my best ptc sites

#1 Clixsense

Details: The oldest ptc sites, it starts since 2007!

There are 7 ways to earn here at clixsense:

1) clicking ads

2) paid surveys

3) micro Tasks

4) offers

5) games

6) referring others

7) contests

Minimum payment is $8 – payment made every monday!

Payments: Payza, Payoneer, Skrill

#2 Neobux

Details: The best ptc sites, it starts since 2008, you can earn the same as clixsense!

Minimum payment is $2 – payment made instantly!

Payments: Paypal, Payza, Neteller, Skrill

#3 Btcclicks

Details: The best ptc sites paid in bitcoin, you can earn by clicking ads and refer other!

Minimum payment is 10,000 satoshi – payment made within 24 hrs!

Payments: Bitcoin only!

Besides, you can use this free cash to multiply in the previous step like revshares or investment site!

This is what I am doing everyday to earn passive income online, if you are new, follow this step:
step 1 : create digital wallet account
step 2 : best revshare program, this is my main income – invest to earn faster
– step 3 (this page): best ptc sites, free cash just click your mouse, multiply in step 2 to make more!

If this post has been helpful to you in any way please like and share it with others. If you have any questions or comments please submit them in the comment section below.


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