Genesis Mining Guide

What is Genesis Mining?

Genesis Mining is an easy and safe way to purchase hashpower without having to deal with complex hardware and software setup. We are a team of mining experts with extensive knowledge of the digital currency sector. Genesis Mining specializes in building the most efficient and reliable mining rigs that we also offer for rent to our clients. Finally, our experts in cooling and maintenance of data centres are also an important part of our success.

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Let’s get start

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[] Enroll in Genesis Mining For Free:

IMPORTANT: after you enroll LOOK for verification email & click on link to confirm!


[] Login & click on: My Account > Setting > Wallets to save Bitcoin Address for PAYOUT


[] Buy HashPower

Use Promote Code to Get Discout (Promocode is jYPt0J )

If you use Promo Code, You will get discount of 3% so use it (Promocode is jYPt0J )

[] Check Your Order


[] Check Payout Stats (It’s auto payout)


* Buy more Hashpower to earn more bitcoin and always use Promo code to get discount (Bitcoin is Lifetime contract)
* Minimum payoout is 0.0006 bitcoin, if you do not reach, it will be hold until reach minimum and auto payout.
* Refer more people to earn free Hashpower