MyPayingAds Guide

Start Up Page For MPA Newbie – Follow Each Step Below

Before go through step, you need to  Join in MyPayingAds and  Join Facebook Group

Now let’s process to the steps

#1 How to set up your Profile!

#2 – How to set up a Banner!

#3 – How to Purchase a ADPACK from your Processor!

#4 – How to Purchase a ADPACK from your Balance!

#5 – How to Surf your Ads 10 a day!

#6 – How to check your Current Adpack Details!

#7 – How to raise a support ticket!

#8 – How to check on your support ticket!

#9 – How to purchase add clicks!

#10 – How to check your earnings!

#11 – What happens when a adpack expires in MPA!

#12 – How to purchase your membership in MyPayingAds


  • View 10 ads per day minimum (recommended do it twice a day)
  • View all Cash Links available
  • Apply credits to your banners and website in traffic exchange
  • Most important – buy Adspack with only one processor , I prefer bitcoin!

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