Mypayingcryptoads Guide

Start Up Page For MPCA Newbie – Follow Each Step Below

Before go through step, you need to Join in MyPayingCryptoAds and Join Facebook Group

Now let’s process to the steps

#1 Register

Click this link to go to register page.


– Gmail only!!

– Please try to do the e-mail verification in the same device you use to signup.

Do not signup using laptop and try to verify e-mail on your other device like mobile phone etc.

firstly please make sure you are using the same device and the same IP address.

– You have to verify two email

  1. Account Verification
  2. Your IP Address Verification

Now Login

#2 Set bitcoin address for Payment

You need to copy exact bitcoin address and update in bitcoin wallet field then click Submit.

#3 Purchase AdPack

Before buy adpack, you need to add banner, if you already add banner, process to the next step.

# 3.1 Add banner

# 3.2 Buy Adpack


Now, wait for activate, it may take up to 2 hours, if there is problems, contact support immediately.

#4 Surf 10 Ads Per Day (Advice Do Twice A Day)

To earn from adpack, you need to surf 10 ads per day.

Click Surf Now, there will be timer, it’s about 15 seconds and then Choose the Similar Picture and then do the next ads until you reach 10 ads.

#5 Cash Links (Free)

When you click cash links link, if you can’t see anything, please be aware, the page detail is at the bottom, just scroll down and see.

Enjoy free money, and buy more adpacks to earn more and more…