#2: Best Revenue Sharing Sites

In my daily activity of seeking new ways to make money on line, I’ve found some time ago, the revenue sharing sites (also known as rev share programs or revshares in short).

It is an easy, fast method to get traffic while making money online. But if you join the wrong programs you will lose money. As a result I did this blog post to show you some of the more “stable” programs to join for maximum success.

At first glance the business model of revshares may seem too good to be true; for example some rev-share sites pay as much as 120% returns or more on every dollar you deposit. Usually when something seems too good to be true it usually is. But that is not the case if you join the right revshares, you really can make money and lots of it with the right rev share program and with a minimum effort.

How Do Revshares Work?

First of all revshares sites are NOT investment opportunities. They are mainly traffic exchanges where you buy spots in the traffic exchange to promote your website or affiliate program; the spot you purchase is called an “adpack” or “adshare“. The cost of that adshare are vary depending on the revshares site. Once you purchase that adpack, a site of your choice will be advertised anywhere from 5 times to 1000 times in the traffic exchange depending on the revshares program. Every time you or any member buys an adpack, the company puts a percentage of it in the profit pool. So if the company is in profit they will share all the profits from the revenue obtained with each member who has active adsharing positions. Hence the name “profit share” or “revshares” – they simply SHARE the company PROFIT or REVENUE with their active members.

As a result you will win on both ends, you will get traffic to your offer, plus you get paid for buying advertisement from the revshares program. The quality of the traffic received is incentivized traffic, so it is not of the best quality. But if you use the right banner and promote the right offer, with the right landing page you can get some opt-ins or even sales.

The best product to promote in revshares is other revshares programs. It is pretty good to get referrals for similar revenue sharing sites. If people are already in a revshare, it is very likely that they will also join another similar profit sharing site. So, if you use the cross promotion, you can get referrals and build multiple rev shares at the same time without spending too much money.

To save you from losing your time and money, I’ve done a quick list with the best revenue sharing sites for coming years. This is a personal list and I’m not saying that there aren’t other good revenue sharing programs out there. My list is based on my personal experience with some of them, on payment proofs from other people and from myself and on other people’s opinion including mine own.

#1 MyPayingAds

Details : Multiple advertising packages starting as low as $1.00 for Paid to click and adpacks starting at just $5. The admin here is very trusted in this industry and this site has a great amount of members making the advertising services convert at a higher level.

Accepts: Payza, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay, and Bitcoin.

For more? Check out the guide here.

#2 MyPayingCryptoAds

Details: From the owner of MyPayingAds, very trusted admin, a Bitcoin only advertising resource!

Accepts: Bitcoin ONLY

For more? Check out the guide here.

#3 TrafficHurricane

Details: This company delivers traffic quickly. Within minutes of purchasing services you will begin to see the results. This company is  based in the Philippines has a lot of potential as it has a unique mobile application that no other site offers.

You can get started buying mobile ad packages for $25.00 or desktop ad packages for $50.00. There is also paid to click services starting at $1.00.

Accepts: Payza, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin, and Bank wire.

For more? Check out the guide here.

#4 EthTrade

Details: This is not a revshares program, but I really earn from this one so put in this list, earn extra income for life, which your earning will be 1% daily (mon-fri) or 25% monthly. EthTrade is an trading investment which trading on BTC, ETH AND USD, and share profit daily on trading day only (mon-fri). If you invest with Bitcoin your profit will be a bitcoin also…. If its Ether then your profit will be an Ether also, same as to USD.

This is a real deal trading investment company, for more info please check in guide page at link below!

Accepts: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Advcash and more

For more? Check out the guide here.

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If you still have free time to click mouse, then I suggest you should check out the best ptc sites page in the step #3 page!


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